Dear Friends of Cal Poly Veterans Success Center,

Cal Poly is currently looking for charitable donations to help furnish or fund the new Veteran's Service Center. Any participating donors will have our gratitude and be added to our donor list on the Veteran Success Center website.

There are three easy ways to donate:

1) Send a check payable to "Cal Poly Veterans Success Center" designating your gift to Cal Poly Veterans Success Center to:

Kathleen McMahon - C/O Veterans Success Center
Building 52, Room E14
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0208

2) Donate online at 
Step 1- Select "Give Online." 
Step 2- Under "Designations," click "Select College(s) and Program(s) for Pop-Up Menu,"
choose "Other - Write Fund Name Next Step," and click "Continue."
Step 3- In the field right below labeled "Enter fund not listed or choose from menu on the left:
" write in "Veterans Success Center."
Step 4- Proceed to fill out all the necessary information, then click "Save and Continue."

3) Call (805) 756-6448 to give your donation over the telephone.

Thank you for showing your commitment to supporting these student-veterans.

Kathleen McMahon
Assistant Director of Student Clubs and Organization

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